And it begins……………

So writing and starting this blog is long, long overdue. Many apology’s.
I have many things to tell you and so many things to share.

The more the leaves change color and begin to fall to the earth, the more things here at Pixel Pixie Photography begin to pick up. Everyone is wanting to take full advantage of our last days in full color, and I can’t say I don’t blame them. I’ve had such a great time shooting portraits this fall. October is half over and the remaining slots are filling up fast. November is well on it’s way to a good start.

I can’t tell how exciting this all is and how lucky I feel. Everyday I get to do this I feel so blessed, and humbled too. It really is something when work doesn’t feel like work at all. In between photo shoots yesterday I felt bliss just roll over me. This must be what parking lots or grocery bags feel like when they are used and filled to their full potential.

At the other end of the lens today will be Elizabeth, a Senior from East. I’m most excited about this shoot. Her mom tells me she’s a vintage lady and that she is her “out of the box” girl. I wonder where we will go today? Tune in soon. This blog is about to be a happening place.
See you soon in front of the lens!

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