For my Momma!

Sunday is Mother’s Day(like you need a reminder) and it’s also my momma’s birthday. She tells me she will be turning 29…again.  I’m 32, so the math’s not adding up, but I’m only fluent in Rupert math so, she could be right.   She will kick my butt for posting this picture. Actually if you saw it in the slideshow on the post about my brother’s wedding  earlier this week, I’m sorry for the re-post. It’s just that these  shots will just always melt my heart.  My mom, is one of the most selfless, especially when it comes to Justin and I, and kind people I know. Maybe it’s the nurse in her, but she’s just out of this world.  After my dad passed, she had to fill his shoes too. She did a damn fine job.   She is courageous. She is strong. She is giving. She is gonna kill me for posting this and also for swearing. ;)

I knew the Mother/Son dance at the wedding was gonna get me, and I was crying so hard I could hardly hold up my camera. I was seriously worried about water damage.  Of course the song they picked  was a heart breaker, but so was the knowledge of everything we’ve been through and the people we were without.   And maybe the pictures seems sad, but I don’t get that.  Yep, I know exactly why she was crying, because if life was perfect, Dad would have been there, but that’s not life. I think though he was there at that moment. I sure felt him everywhere.   I think there is an insane amount of love here, in these pictures.   I love my mom. These pictures remind me of why.  Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Birthday Mom. Love you lots. Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there. It’s no small thing you do!

  • Jaclyn - These are probably my most favorite of all 572,472 pictures you took that day. Sandy is beyond phenomenal. <3 you!!!ReplyCancel

  • Crystal - I love your mom. These pictures actually brought a tear to my eye, especially reading what you wrote. She did a great job with you and Justin. <3ReplyCancel

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