meet mandy


I remember playing hide and seek when I was little. I always  curled up under my fuzzy Winnie the Pooh blanket and  as I traced over  the outline of Eeyore I’d called for my parents to come into my room.  I’d inform them loudly that I was hiding. At some point I had decided my fuzzy blanket was some kind of invisibility cloak. As they looked around my room, kindly avoiding the lump of breathing covers on the top my bed I told them  that they’d never find me. I also told them during these games that I would never grow up.   After they found me, and tucked me in I told them I meant what I said, “I’m never growing up. Ever. I’ll just stay six.”   Thus started my Peter Pan complex  and my hopes that time travel would soon prevail.

Truth is, I really did grow up, but I’ve decided to never tell my heart that.

The greatest compliment I’ve ever been paid was during one of my many days of babysitting.  She was four and had grey eyes. We’d spent the day playing and giggling. She knew so many great things at the age of four, she even knew some things about me. She looked at me with all the honesty in the world and said, “I know what you are.”  I asked if I was a dinosaur. She said, “No. You are a really big kid.”

I wasn’t able to not grow up and I’ve never actually invented a time machine, but I have the next best thing: a camera.  Photographs are these little time machines.   They  have the ability to freeze time and make moments last a life time.  One of my favorite photographs I own is a picture of my father and I at a wedding.  I was barley one and he was toting me around on his arms.  My dad is gone now, but because a photographer saw that little moment, I get to sit forever safely in his arms.

I want you to have those forever moments too! My camera’s ready when you are, contact me now.

M o r e   i n f o