In front of the lens ……. More of Montana

Oh, how I love Missoula, MT and anything that reminds me of it! I drove past this trailer all week long and on my last

In front of the lens ……. People again……

It seems it’s been awhile since something breathing has found it’s self on my blog.I spent yesterday

In front of the lens ……. my favorite Tree………..

This is my favorite tree in the Universe, to infinity and beyond. Why, oh why, does it have to be so far away? It

In front of the lens……looking back.

Oh how I’ve missed the Mission Mountains! I’m still in Montana. I’m sure leaving is going to be a

In front of the lens ……. Goodbye.

“I cannot sleep for dreaming;I cannot dream but I wake and walk about the house as though I’d find you

M o r e   i n f o