In front of the lens ……. To the power of three.

So today I headed downtown to watch Orion pose. He is very busy and very much all boy. He just happened to bring along

In front of the lens…….One Big Happy Family

So last Friday I had the pleasure of shooting one big happy family, 18 in all to be exact. It was a surprise Christmas

In front of the lens …….The Blankenship’s

As I mentioned a couple of days of go, I had the chance to photograph The Blankenship’s before their

In front of the lens …….Thanksgiving, take two……

So two Thanksgiving dinners down and one to go. I’m going to need a bigger belt It amuses me how well my family

In front of the lens …….Once Again, Layken

So a couple of weeks ago I posted pictures of Layken. She had only been in the world a few hours at that point. I went

In front of the lens……… Turning Five.

Today Madison turned five. How can that be? Time goes fast. Madison has always been someone I love to follow around

M o r e   i n f o