In front of the lens……..Long Exposures

Last night, I headed to Rainelle to play around with some long exposures. It was dark and it was cold. Basically it

In front of the lens………Turning One

Yesterday, my camera and I were delighted to be invited to Meadow’s first birthday party. It was cute seeing

In front of the lens………..Miss Jennifer

I’ve known Jennifer a long time. She and her family moved in the house next door around eleven years ago or so.

In front of the lens……The Sisters 3

I got to hang out with the Hilton sisters this morning. Okay, not those Hilton sisters. These sisters were cooler. I

In front of the lens………Miss Jessica

Oh what fun I had today! I met up with Jessica this morning in Beckley to shoot her senior session. Besides almost

In front of the lens………A Dragon, A Witch, and ARRR A Pirate

Last night I visited with some strange characters: A dragon who does house work. A witch who was casting spells with

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