Winter Ramble

So the past couple of weeks have been filled with a post-op puppy, frigid air, a lazy cat, our resident old man puppy crashing on the couch, and no water for the town of Rupert for a few days, and lots of good food(amen).   Gentry had a tumor that removed. It turns out it was cancer, but we got a great prognosis, and after we got to shed the stitches and the e-collar, we’ve been celebrating.  I love that dog an absurd amount.   You’ll see in a minute how very excited he was to be be pimping the collar.  I waited two weeks for him to drop a Shakespeare sonnet, alas……

We are in the midst of our second big cold snap in WV(right along with most of the country. We are in good company).   I’m running around my house(I’m sure not  going to go outside, cause, burr) yelling, “Polar Vortex and Arctic Fronts, go home. You’re DRUNK. Alberta Clippers, keep your panties on.”    It’s been lots of snow, and lots of below zero boohooing.  Eeyore, our 15 year old WV breed(he’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that), has been happy as clam,  piled up on the couch. He hasn’t really been a fan of being side more than a few minutes, but I guess when you are 15, warm comfy couches and warm fires  beat being outside.  It’s been fun and maybe slightly chaotic having him in.   I caught him and the cat hanging out on the couch together, so, we are getting there. Also, my mom will be mortified  when she realizes I’m posting pictures of my scratched and well wore furniture.  I have not excuse for it, other than, well, we live on it, daily. It’s okay mom, really.

Did I mention no water?  Well, several guys worked almost around the clock in subzero weather to restore water to the town of Rupert.  I want  to give them all high fives for their awesomeness.  I turned the tap on early and it’s full blast.  I guess I have not excuses now to not do the laundry, or clean house. Anyway, I’m going to go put on my fire warmed flannel pj’s and eat a bowl of  chili and think about that laundry a little bit more.

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